First Star Online 2 is an online role-playing game from


The game is small and loads quick, but offers much more than you would expect from a game of this size.


FSO2's list of features is huge. You can fight monsters, fish, farm, blacksmith, work as a healer, lumberjack, carpenter, tailor, trap disarmer, thief, artist, forger, etc.


FSO2 also allows your character to work as a shop keeper. In other MMORPG's you'd have to hire a shop keeper but in FSO2 your character is the shop keeper. Take your shop anywhere in the world!


FSO2 runs great in the background. You won't find it eating up all of your computer, and you don't need a computer with specs that doesn't even exist yet in order to run the game. We recommend an 800 mhz P3 or greater with 128 MB RAM (or a 500 mhz G3 with 256 MB RAM Mac).





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